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Hello, I got a affiliate link for Rogue Heist. Someone bought this game but it didnt pop up on my "Money" page. When is the money page refreshing? Also I got 2 affiliate links but I dont know which one is acceptable or both of them. Can you guys help me?

This is the 1st affiliate link who bought from this link: https://secure.xsolla.com/api/network/?utm_source=U6ZY7TgL&utm_campaign=5ceca90658a10&click_id=none&link_id=2697

This is the 2nd affiliate link: https://secure.xsolla.com/api/network/?utm_source=U6ZY7TgL&utm_campaign=5ceca90658a10&click_id=none&link_id=2697

Note: Clicks are refreshing on "money" page but sale counts are not.

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thank you for your message.

Firstly, both of the affiliate links that you have posted point to the correct place. So with that being said you can use either one.

In regards to the purchase of the product through the affiliate link, your 'Money' tab should now be refreshed and you should now be seeing the sale. You may need to check the 'next payout' section in your account to set your payout threshold.

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