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Even after looking into other questions, it seems the account will appear as Pending or Accredited to staff members, not the user of the account. I was wondering if that IS the case, or if staff are going ahead and changing the account manually to Pending/Accredited on their own if the user has a large enough audience.

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We can see the same status that shows up on your account.
But we have an overview of how your account statuses changed since singing up, often when a ticket is asked here, and we read the ticket and check the account the status has changed by itself already.

We have something called "Auto-accredited" which is as soon as you have a certain number of subs (Between 100-200k) which puts you automatically on auto accredited and we just have to check them if the accreditation is alright.

No one is accredited without being checked.
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Thanks! That definetly helps clear things up!

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