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I have been a member since Jan. 2018 and have been awaiting accreditation since that time. I realized last month that I had an issue with my account which I promptly fixed. I have been in a pending status since then and today I check and I am unaccredited. If it is because I have not uploaded any content this month that could be a problem since the month is not over. I had 11 uploads for the month of June and from what I can tell I did everything correctly. So can you please explain what the issue is????

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I had a look on your account and you have only 2 recent videos.
Keymailer is taking for the accreditation every day the videos that are not older than a month.
So for today all of the videos between June 18th and July 17th count for your accreditation, tomorrow June 19th until July 18th and so on. You have only 2 videos on your content stream that fit into the timeframe which is why keymailer has taken you out of the pending list, as soon as you have 3 again, it is putting you automatically back in.

Hope this helps :)

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