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I've seen several changes in the last week after waiting a few months for Accreditation. It went from Pending to Under Review to Unaccredited back to Pending.
I tag all my videos, have well over the required Subs & upload several gaming videos a week.
I was accredited for VR weeks ago even though I have no VR games on my channel
Please can you take a look at this for me.

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Your account has been checked so far 3 times.

All 3 of those times it has not received accreditation due to incorrect tagging.
For this you need to be really careful how to tag, if you use a tag of a game that is not played in the video and it shows up on your video on your content stream that video will be flagged as invalid and will not count towards accreditation anymore and your account will be put on hold to be checked again to see if the tagging has improved since the last time it was checked. Usually we check accounts that have been put on hold once a week.

The last time your account was checked was yesterday and it has been put on hold again with the mark "continued incorrect tagging".

It is set to be checked again next week Wednesday.

The VR-Accreditation is an auto-accreditation, as soon as you have played or uploaded videos/games which are VR games or have VR available it gives you the accreditation.
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Thanks for the reply.

I'm still at a loss here if I'm being honest with you. I use both TubeBuddy & VidIQ to help with my tags in order to try & optimise my SEO. They are always relevant to the game I'm playing. So I really don't understand this.

Can you inform me which specific videos this applies to so I can take a look at them please?

Thank You

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