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Hi, I'd love some assistance with VR Verification. I have created and appropriately tagged 4 videos on YouTube for 3 VR Only games: 2 for Moss, 1 for Epic Roller Coasters, and 1 for Puppet Fever. All of these videos show up in my coverage stream on my profile, but I still do not see VR Verification on my profile. Any assistance would be appreciated!

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Weird! I ordered a re-scan for your account so it should show up soon!
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Edit 7/13:
My profile now shows VR Verified - thanks very much for the help!


Thank you so much for responding to my question. I just wanted to follow up since more than a week has passed, but I am still not VR Verified. Do I need to be more patient, or is there any other action on my end I need to take?
Thanks very much for the assistance!
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