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a few days ago i noticed that many of my videos are not displayed in my profile. I tried to enter the links from my videos manually. Unfortunately, always shows me the wrong videos when entering manually, even though all videos are marked on YouTube. (Tags are in my videos correct)

You can try it. Here is one from many links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPIhIhDUWEg

Why is not the right video recognized automatically? (I repeat: I have tagged all videos correctly)
Many other videos without tags dont recognized too.

I have realized that my "Coverage" increases very slowly that many of my videos not recognized.

#Creaturesinc, #bannermen, #elleroswytchsun, #astellia

Whats wrong? Please check my account and my videos.

Thank you very much.
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Thank you very much.

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We had this bug a few times already, but it hasn't appeared in a while.
I forwarded it to our dev, he is going to have a look in it.
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