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Hey, so I submitted a request for a game but accidentally chose the wrong platform (Xbox). To my surprise, I got accepted. Eventually I just decided to purchase the title for the correct platform (PS4) and never used the other key (Xbox).

Now there is DLC for that title and I requested it on the correct platform (PS4) but got declined. I'm guessing that it is due to the fact that it picks up I requested the main game on a different platform.

I reached out to the devs directly that provided me with a key and said I can just do a giveaway for the Xbox key. My question is, is there a way to correct this matter as I feel all DLC requested for this title will be declined due to the initial game being on a different platform.

Can I somehow delete and recreate my account or will that not work? Thanks in advance!

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When they send out DLC keys, it doesn't show up to them if you got before a PS4 or Xbox key for the original game. All of the games, doesn't matter if base game or DLC shows up as a complete new game on their view, so they can't see right away which platform key you got before.

In general, it also doesn't matter which platform key you got before, as you always have the chance to receive 2 or 3 keys at once for all of the platforms.
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Thanks a bunch!

So the best is just to keep doing content to push up my ratings in order to have a better chance at future DLC for that title?

Is there somehow a way to cancel and resubmit a request for a key on a specific platform? I've seen you mentioned in other questions that you are working on allowing people to submit again even after they've been declined but what about getting a key but wanting it on a different platform?

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