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For a few moths i have the account of bitwares.net in keymailer. Many of the developers send me to request codes for review with this site. But the problem is that in order to get the acrreditation we need to have Youtube, Twith or Mixer. What about our digital magazine that have reviews in text?

We are a new media in Argentina and expanding our team making more and more reviews each month.

Also i have the error  STEAM PRIVACY SETTINGS NEED YOUR ATTENTION. Try the solution that is posted but it dont work for me.

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That's exactly my problem, too. The system is currently very disadvantageous against the writing content creators.

I totally agree with you.

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Go under your settings and there under blog and websites. Fill out the fields and you get into our "editorial website accreditation" list, from here we can accredit when you make written content.

As of right now we are not able to tag written content onto your content stream though, we are testing it right now internally so we can nail it down before putting it into the live version!
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"Blog has not been verified yet."

And how to verify my Blog?

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