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I'm creating gaming content for a tech oriented Youtube channel/ website which has about 330k subscribers.  

I just registered yesterday, and now our accreditation is under review. But the problem is; first two content are already flagged as invalid. I couldn't see the problem here as they are pure gaming content where we talk about the recent weekly news&stuff about gaming industry, and also making weekly game recommendations that we've played recently.

Now we are planning to make those recommendations in a seperate weekly video as well. But if our legit videos get invalid tag like that, and we don't get the accreditation it's clear that we can't start creating more content like compilation of mini reviews.

Also the automatic system got some wrong videos to the "my coverage stream" section, and it does not allow me to change them, and also add some previous ones, where we make reviews and compilations.

Hoping to get some help.


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Thank you for writing.

I had a look on your channel and unflagged those two videos.
It does happen that publishers have a look at your videos and if they don't see their game right away even though they are tagged that they assume it is not being played and flag it.

You can only add videos manually to your content stream once you have been accredited.  Keymailer automatically only picks up videos up to 6 month in the past.
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Thanks for the quick help!
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