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Is there a way to see this? Unfortunately my Steam account was disconnected from the service for a long time. Can the rejection of my key requests have something to do that I have not been making content for a while due to traveling? I am a decent popular streamer and most keys get accepted.

Thanks for answering

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Thank you for writing.

There is an internal ranking that the devs and pubs can see, in which their "chances of getting their keys covered" is being displayed. This Ranking is from -3 until +3. I had a look on your account to see how your rating is right now and it is at -2, so this might be a reason of why there are less keys being sent to you.

This Rating can be improved though by covering more keys.
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Thank you for answering my question! I believe I have covered a few keys but I think that in general I did not post the right hashtags or whatever. Do you know if I can send my coverage to the publishers etc? Does every publisher rate if you make it for them?
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Can you make this stat visible for us content creators too?

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