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I have been given a few keys, which I have used to stream on my mixer channel at https://www.mixer.com/Dwaggienite .

I have used the tags provided by each of the developers in each case, yet, Keymailer doesn't even seem to be picking up the streams or the VODs at all.

This is very annoying because if the devs can't see what I'm doing with their keys, it looks like I'm not doing anything.

I really want to help the devs/publishers that give me keys to their products, and this is going to be a real stunt to my help if they think I'm effectively taking the keys and running, which I'm not.

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I had a look on your channel and you are using the hashtag #Metropolis.
Keymailer is being really picky with its tags and is only using those it is saying on its gaming website, which means exactly with the same writing, capital letters and so on.
For Metropolis the tag is #metropolis

It is just a tiny capital letter difference, but it is enough for keymailer to not find it.

Have a nice day :)
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Hi there, that's fine, I'll modify is, but if you check my profile, it's not detecting that I'm streaming AT ALL. It's only showing the last stream of Boss 101 that I did. It's not catching any of the most-recent streams at all. Can you help?
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Is this still a problem, or have the streams caught up?
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It seems to be picking up now, but it's not added time to the games that I've played on stream. I've done at least 8 hours in games I've got from keymailer, but it's not declared anythig.
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Still having issues. It's not picking up the #PolyGod content I've been producing today.

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