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So if the game we're reviewing before a release date (in my case over a month before release) I have to stream through twitch under a different game title due to it not yet existing.

So in my example I'm streaming Shadows: Ascending, but I've had to tag it on Twitch as Skyrim (the past broadcast has been tagged as 'ShadowsAwakening' but it's not appeared on my content coverage).

Can we have the option to manually change these tags to circumvent this issue? Currently from KeyMailers pov I'm not covering the key that has been given to me.

Also in the case we've done a long stream and covered multiple games , even if we change the game playing in our twitch dashboard in the middle of the stream KeyMailer will choose the last game and pick it up as a single stream.  Again making it appear as though we're not covering the games that have been given to us.

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As long as you are accredited you are able to edit the tags on your games.
Simply go onto your coverage stream and click on the "edit tag" button next to the video or stream.
You can add all tags of the games that have been played in the content.
I have to add though that you have to be careful to not delete any tags that are actually in the video as we are not able to re-add tags that have been deleted off a video.

Have a nice day :)
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On both mobile and desktop that button is nowhere to be seen. Just to add I am accredited.

Note: this button is on twitter and youtube posts but not twitch streams which my original post refers to.

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