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Good day,
I've been waiting a long time but nothing has changed so far. I've uploaded 3 gaming videos to YouTube, had 97 subscribers, and followed all the other stuff. Even so, my status of "Unaccredited" is not changed to "Pendling ...". Also, my "Coverage Stream" does not change a bit and I only see the video I uploaded a week ago ...
I hope someone can help and the whole nice and friendly.
I wish you a nice day and a nice weekend.

(P.S: My English is not that good, so I just used Google Translator. Normally I speak German.)

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Hi CrylianHD,

I had a look on your channel and you have currently 2 recent videos on your coverage stream.
Keymailer automatically puts you in the pending list as soon as you have 3 recent videos (recent as in not older than a month).
I rescanned the tag of "the awesome adventures of captain spirit", in case it didn't pick up all of the videos.

Have a nice day
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I have the same problem y have +200, waited at leas a month, i have tags this month and past what more can i do?

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