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I want to make a key Request for two point hospital from SEGA but because i predorder the game on steam i cant make a Key request and it only say i alread owned the game?

i hope you can help me
i could erase my steam account and mybe this will help but mybe there is another way i can do!

thx for the help

1 Answer

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Unfortunately, this is a known issue for us, and one we can't change anything at.
Keymailer is taking your owned games from your steam account. As soon as you owned game and gave it back or played a free weekend or pre-ordered, steam is storing data, and deletes almost everything, but keeps some left over data from the game (like a footprint). Keymailer is then detecting that data and shows the game as owned. Unfortunately, we can't access the steam data to delete the left-over, so we can't do anything :(

Have a nice day :)
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okay thx for the reply i already massage to the company direktly and they set me on there list so its fine.
i hope you can fix it this site is awsome! :-)
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Hi team,
My Keymailer account also says I "own" Two Point Hospital but I'm not in the same boat as the OP, here: I've not pre-ordered this game, nor has this game even released to have had a free weekend.  In other words, Keymailer is mistakenly seeing I own a game that I never have owned.
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Hi Spazman777 We're handling this with you in a different ticket.
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