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I love what this site does, I love streaming and promoting indie games, and I've had a ton of fun with the keys I have received thus far. However, NOTHING has updated on my profile. I saw a response on another post that said there was a bug in the system that fixed this issue, but it clearly has not been fixed.

I received a key for Yet Another Zombie Defense HD (#yazdhd), had a ton of fun streaming it and playing with followers yesterday, had over 10 users buy the game from my Direct Purchase option in Chat, but NOTHING has tracked for it nor any previous game I have played from here. How are we supposed to keep our accreditation and grow if it looks like we never stream nor promote these games we receive?

If it's me, if it's something I'm not doing or typing correctly, please let me know so I can fix it: Mixer.com/Azhtral

Otherwise, please fix your site to actually work with Mixer, track our streams, and publish the correct number of views. I'm really looking forward to growing here and experiencing and sharing new awesome games!

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I had a look on your account and your mixer channel and went back up until 1 month ago and checked the connected  streams and your past streams and to me every single one shows up, except of those tagged as "other", which of course is normal, as it is not a game tag. And the only ones missing are those less than 48h old, which is also normal as your account updates only every 2-3 days.
So everything should be working, or does it show up any different for you?

Have a nice day
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Good morning,

Thank you for looking into this. My profile finally "updated" and shows some streams, but none of the analytics are correct. It shows I streamed YET ANOTHER ZOMBIE DEFENSE for 4+ hours, but received ZERO views.
My Mixer analytics: https://i.imgur.com/rObmoaf.png
My Arsenal.gg analytics: https://i.imgur.com/UkdnKgq.png

As shown above, I had almost 600 new views and nearly 2.5k minutes watched, compared to the 0 and 0 the analytics on my keymailer profile.

It's not just that stream, it's every single stream showing as little to no views.

Thank you
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Hi Azhtrael,

We are still fighting through getting the stats right which is a pain. Keymailer is not monitoring your streams while you are streaming, which is why the stats are not correct. As we do not get any access to mixers stats we cannot take them from there, which is why we are still in the trial and error phase trying to get the stats up and running.
We decided it would be better to work on the stats while still adding mixer in, so everyone can get keys if they use mixer, the other way would have been to not add mixer until we have everything figured out, which could push making it online out by months/years.

Totally understand it is not a perfect situation, just trying to make it work step by step, trying to cooperate user from as many platforms as possible :)

Have a nice day
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Okay, that makes sense. Thank you so much for looking into this and answering! I do feel better knowing you guys are working on it, I just wanted to ensure it was not something specific I could control.


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