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Hey Keymailer peeps!

I'm just wondering if you could help me with my accreditation. I've been a member of the site now for over 3 weeks and have yet to be approved. Could you tell me why this could be happening? I really want to start receiving keys and I'm sure being accredited will help me with this.

Thanks in advance!

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You don't always have to be accredited to get keys. Some indie publishers like to give out keys to a wider audience in the hope of getting the game covered on the social channels. If you're lucky enough to get one of these make sure to publish your opinions on Youtube and use the right tags. Keymailer will automatically pick up your content (it can take up to a week when you're not accredited) and you'll be soon on your way to full accreditation.

Just remember it's a two way street. The more you do to help the publishers get their game noticed, the more likely they are to give you free keys.
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Hi Lucy,

Before your account can be reviewed by the Keymailer minions for accreditation, you account must fulfil the following accreditation criteria:

a) You must have at least 50 subscribers or followers on YouTube or Twitch (they do not count together so 50 on one of the channels)

b) You must have at least 3 pieces of content on your tracked stream.

Tweets do not count towards your accreditation, and they can only accept content which is less than a month old.

Please note, uploading 3 pieces of content specifically to get accredited won't improve your chances, Keymailer needs to make sure you are an active uploader of content, and they will look into your channels to make sure there is a good level of activity.

Please also keep in mind that this criteria is subject to change, but as long as you are actively uploading relevant content, your accreditation should come through in no time at all.

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