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I have been accredited now and I have requested keys but heard and had nothing my friends have been gettin their keys within 24hours of request I have been waiting days and still nothing why ???
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I have the same problem, my account is accredited and I have over 150 coverage on my channel.
But I receive no keys.
It's like the game publishers don't see our accounts as accredited but maybe they still see them as unaccredited. Since they were manually accredited by the support.

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Hey Acekenny2008, how are you?

I was wondering if I could possibly help clear this up for you as this was happening to me a few months ago. There could be a number of reasons you haven't gotten any keys yet:

It could be the age of your channel, if you channel is fairly new with not a huge amount of content.

It could also be the popularity of the games that you have requested, for example if it is a big game, all of the keys may have already been given out, the publishers & developers don't have an infinite number of keys.  

Remember Keymailer does not decide who is given keys, the publishers and developers do.

I hope this helps and you get to make loads of great content in the future!
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No it doesn’t help as I don’t think the developers are seeing the accredited accounts as I have loads of pending requests but heard nothing at all

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