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Hi, my YouTube channel has 52 subscribers and I've been regularly posting content for the last 3 months and using the correct tags. My account hasn't changed to pending though, can you let me know if there is a problem with my account or if I need to do anything else to get my channel reviewed?


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No worries, you are doing everything right!
We are just trying to fight through the masses of profiles getting into pending, and as we manually accredit (and check the channel, and watch the videos, and check tags,...) it is a rather longer process.

Just a bit more patience :)

Have a nice day :)
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Thank you for your response and for accrediting my profile. My subs are not huge but being accredited is something I’ve been working hard towards for the last few months. I didn’t realise it is a manual process so thank you for the work reviewing my account and for putting the site together. It’s a great system for everyone to use!

Keep up the awesome work! :-)
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how long does it usually take to get from pending to accredited? I am stuck on Pending for about 2 weeks or so, it would be really nice to know how long it will take from now on ^^

did you guys planned on adding a message to the status to get an idea what is going? that would limit the request in the forum here, just a little sentence like "waiting to get in review can take up to x days" and then "is in review can take up to x days" ^^

best regards
Sgt. Chaos
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this helps: http://community.keymailer.co/376/pending-accreditation-how-long-will-it-take
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i am have the same thing mine hasnt changed from unaccredited to pending  and ive been a member of this community since march 2016 and i was hoping if i could get accredited ive done all the steps to become accredited
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It is buggy. I had to wait 15 days to be pending. Not sure if my message on the forum had something to do with the solution.
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