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Fellow Gamers, I need your help!

I'm an accredited user and have uploaded (on average) one video a week - all relevant content and all appropriately tagged. I also have 3K+ Subs on YouTube. I requested a key for a game two weeks ago and have STILL not heard back from them. Does anyone know why this is happening? How long will I have to wait to get my Key?

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When he received my key
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It is a bit frustrating too. i guess it not in their hands. I am also waiting and also accredited. I just want to create content!!! Argh :P Tube channel - Gamertrampz. xx

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Just gotta wait dude. The guys at Keymailer don't decide, the publisher or dev does and they don't all follow the same rules...
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Hi xProGamerx

The staff at Keymailer don't decide which content creators are permitted keys, nor do they have the power to give you a key directly. Every key request is forwarded to the publisher of the game, but ultimately it's their decision who receive's one of their keys.  It's worth looking at upcoming games, rather than older ones because the PR stock tends to run out quickly and not all restock after the initial 'push'.  

Since publishers are looking for active channels that match their game's audience, uploading more content will increase your chances of a publisher sending you a request for one of their games.
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This answer leads back to a previous question here. Why are there so many key requests available for old games (1998-2005)? I understand KM wanting to have as many games in their system as possible to be able to show up on creator's profiles. I would suggest, however, looking into a way for allowing publishers to remove the request key option when the PR stock runs out while still keeping the game page available.
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Hi Sir Jaxxy,

Sorry for the late reply just saw your answer.
Publishers and devs are able to turn off the key request button if they run out off keys.

Have a nice day

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