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I have been a member of this site since last year 2017, I have not managed to receive a Single key through this site ever. I have regular content updates and plenty coverage.

The most Recent and puzzling of which is Vrobot, I requested a key for that game a week or two prior to it's release, I had also Directly Emailed the Developers to see if I could get a Key direct.

After waiting about a month I get a reply from one of the Game Developers who told me All Keys were to be handled by Keymailer and that I should apply through there.

I had to then respond to the Dev that I had indeed applied via keymailer approximatly 4 weeks Prior.

Obviously the developer had no idea i had ever applied.

why is this the Case? Am I not visible to developers when I request Keys? Are keymailer extremely bad at sending out requests on my behalf?
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I have the exact same problem, i have been accredited manually, I have more than 150 coverages on keymailer profile.
However I never got any key. Apart from the ones the devs offer me without requests.
It's like the devs don't see my key requests at all.

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I had a look on your account as well as the publisher accounts to the 5 keys you have requested. On all of the 5 games the developers can see your request and you show up normally on the list (For example on VRobot, it says you requested and that you requested the PS4 Key).
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Thank you for taking the time to do that. So basically what your saying is especially in the case of the VRobot devs that they are all just terribly organised. Given they told me to use key mailer a couple weeks after I already had.

So the developers in activity and organisation is at fault. At least that's something.

I'm guessing key mailer doesn't have an escalation policy, so for example if a requester doesn't gear anything for a couple of weeks keymailer informs the developers again, like a nudge or a bump?

This wait and see approach has yielded nothing.

Yet me personally emailing developers has often yielded great results. Which if I look at it objectively makes me wonder why bother to use key mailer at all? What advantages does this site provide? So far nothing.

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