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Good day

I was recommended to this site by a friend back in april, I've created an account and was working on fulfilling the criteria, I've managed to get them all but then the "Checks/Crosses" have gone and I couldn't proceed any further, I've been waiting till  June with no success, so I thought maybe it was me doing something wrong, so I decided to re-create the account and start all over and here I am again at the same place, all the checks and crosses have gone, status says Unaccredited nor Pending, I'm constantly doing streams on Twitch platform with variety of games and I have more than 300 followers yet still nothing going on on my KM's account, please, could anyone from KM's crew look up in to this issue and help? Or at least give some reasonable reply on why I'm stuck.


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Sorry about this issue you've been experiencing. There was an issue with the amount of data we were able to retrieve from Twitch which meant creators with smaller audiences, who were at the end of the processing queue, were sometimes being cut off before the data had downloaded.

We have fixed it in your case, and are looking into the problem more generally.

Watch this space!

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