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I have more than 150 coverage on my keymailer profile, and I have been accredited manually by the support staff of keymailer. Because my account was not switched to pending automatically.
However now that I'm accredited, it doesn't seem like my requests are getting to the devs. I have a bunch of key requests but none of them were accepted or declined.
The only keys I'm getting were the ones offered by some devs which I didn't request myself.
I don't think the requests I'm sending are getting to the devs. And I've been reading questions here and many people are having the same problem.
I think people that were manually accredited by the staff don't appear as accredited to the devs.
Please check this problem.
Thank you.

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Hi There

We have double checked your account and you are accredited normally, and publishers, developers and agencies can see your profile fine.

There is no difference between manual and automatic accreditation, once it's done.

We don't choose who gets games, we just put your profile in front of publishers, so they can make an educated decision about who they give games to.

If you're not getting as many review copies as you hope, remember you are competing with other creators, and publishers may be looking for those who have largest audience, most recent views, play games like theirs, regularly produce reviews or coverage from keys they request, and have visible steam libraries.

Good luck!
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