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Hi there, Many of my stream analytics on your site are incorrect. With a large majority showing I'm streaming for many hours with 0 viewers. I received a game key recently, streamed it for 5 hours to an decent audience, but the data on Key Mailer shows nothing.

I think its important I cover the games I ask for keys for, so I do, but the devs will look at my page and think I am doing nothing.

Can you please look into this, thank you

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I was just about to post this question.

My viewers peaked at 30 when I streamed the game I was given a key for on Mixer, it says I peaked at 1 viewer on here!

It's important that figures are accurately reported or as Beliall says the devs won't be able to see how successful a stream was.

This could also affect the likely hood of us receiving future keys, if our stream history is looked at and it looks like we don't get viewers on any of our streams.
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Fair points. let us look into it.

be aware that twitch does not store the stream data after the stream ends, so we have to poll your streams in realtime, which is not easy ;)
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Thanks for looking into it, but we both stated we are on Mixer. you can pull our vods easily and i can email you my own analytics if you wish.
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Yes we are both Mixer not Twitch. Couldn't something be implemented so we can at least upload an image of our analytics to attach to our stream info to show the correct data? Or at least email you the correct data after streams so you can update it?

Also all the companies using you should be informed that stream data they are looking at is not correct at all. I'd understand if there are minor discrepancies in statistics, but 30viewers vs 1 viewer is a big difference!
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please do share screenshots for us to compare with. Can you clarify they are vod not streams?
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The VODS are streams, they upload automatically around 30 mins after the cast ends. they arr stored for 2 weeks, and shown below the mixer page

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We are checking into this next. Watch this space.
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We have confirmed there is an issue with the Mixer API that is retuning 0 for some streams. We are investinging further.
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There is as far as I can see no ability to attach anything to here, so I can't send you an screenshots via this chat box. I'm not sending you a VoD (video on demand) because that is literally just a video of my stream, but I have a picture I took of my analytics for that stream that show my viewers peaked at 30, not 1 like it shows on here. How can I show you it?
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We've confirmed it without needing a screenshot. Back soon!

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