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Erm... I’m confused. I satisfied the accreditation criteria and it said my account was pending accreditation, but when I logged on this morning, it went back it said “Unaccredited”. Could somebody please explain why this has happened? Thanks.

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Hi Maximus,

There are a few reasons why this could have happened:

1) Some of your videos may have been flagged as invalid, in which case, they would no longer count towards your accreditation.

2) The three videos in your tracked stream aren't all from the last month. The accreditation process only recognises content uploaded within the last month, any video's that fall outside of this time will not count towards your accreditation.

3) You've chosen to hide your YouTube or Twitch subscriber count or the count has dropped below 50. Only profiles with at least 50 YouTube or Twitch followers will be considered for accreditation.

4) The videos you have tagged are less than 5 minutes long. Unfortunately, only videos which are 5 minutes or longer are counted towards accreditation.

I hope this goes some way towards helping you to understand why your account is still unaccredited.

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