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I presume this is a matter of my request being passed over for bigger influencers, but it's incredibly frustrating not to get _any_ response for over a month on some responses. For me, it's almost as if the service holds little value, it doesn't seem as if anything is happening from an outsiders perspective.

Rather than wait for a month, i'd rather be told I was declined, or placed on a waiting list, or anything basically...


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Unfortunately, that is part of keymailer, you cannot get every key that you request. The keys are being distributed by the publishers itself. Some are being faster than others. Not every key request will unfortunately be accepted. Some of the games get about 50k requests while there are only 200-500 keys that can be distributed. What the decision criterias of the publishers are is unknown to us as well. Some are indeed targeting big channels, but we also have publishers that are looking for rather small channels to distribute their keys to. The highest chances to receive a key are either right before or when a game releases, as in this time they send out a lot more keys than afterwards.

Best of Luck!

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