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So when I logged onto my account yesterday, I noticed that after a while of pending, my channel was set on 'unaccredited'. I was unsure why as when I looked at my videos, I had tags on enough videos.

After some digging, I found out the issue, which is that I had many videos that had tags of more than 1 game, for example my video Post Scriptum played out in the outskirts of a town. So I had added the tag 'outskirts' which was apparently a game as well.

I was unaware this was an issue, so at that moment I had not done anything with that information. However now that I know what I did wrong, I was wondering if my videos flagged as invalid can still be edited in terms of tags? Could they somehow be put back on pending?

If not, when can I get my channel back to being 'pending'? I currently have 1 video that is tagged correctly within the past 30 days, if I add 2 more videos this month with correct tags, will that simply mean I have achieved the qualifications and it will go back to pending?

Thanks in advance!
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How do you know if a video is flagged as "invalid"? I have a podcast, so every episode we discuss multiple games and have some tagging that probably needs adjusted.

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We have changed the tag of your video, so you have 2 videos counting for this month. As soon as you have 3 recent ones you will be back in the pending list.

Warmest regards
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That is awesome! Thank you very much!

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