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title says everything,
i have a decent channel which 100% meets all requirements, tagging is correct, etc.

Signed up to keymailer more than 20 days ago before my holidays and when i came back, guess what?
Not accredited, nothing changed, it's been said when my channel meet requirements, it goes to pending for manual review and guess what, not even pending ;/

Can i request a kind keymailer ninja to check what is going on and fix my channel/solve my problem please?
I will be really happy.
Thanks. D2D

1 Answer

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Hi, we have investigated this case and found there was an issue in your account which has been fixed and your account should move to the pending state in 24-48h
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Hello, thanks for your reply.
It's been 4 days since your reply and my account still is not updated and not accredited (unfortunally).
would it be possible to manually check it please?
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