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I've attached my Steam account and have over 500 games with probably over 5000 hours played but it says 0 games and 0 hours played, will this update in time?

It says my account is public so the check is green.
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I have the same problem. Over 400 games but the website says 0 games :(
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Just got accredited and then mine updated so not sure if those 2 are linked or whether it just takes a little while to update.

1 Answer

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Have you made sure that your Steam Privacy settings are set to Public so that Keymailer can read your game library? See this link for more information:

Note that the green check only indicates that the basic details are public; you have to address the "My profile" and "Game details" privacy settings as described at the link above.
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I'm stuck with the same problem my steam Profile is public (entirely) yet  the counter is stuck at zero..  also some  of my videos are not recognized either even tough I double checked the tag properly..

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