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Sometimes when I receive a game, I would play it and find that it's not worth covering, and that my viewers wouldn't be interested in seeing it for whatever reason. (I only request games that I think MIGHT be interesting to cover, I dont request all games)

Would that affect me badly and deter games dev's from sending me keys? Does the number of requests, redeems, and coverage show to game devs?

I dont want to look like I'm taking advantage of devs is what I'm saying.

Sorry for the long post.

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Only we (the keymailer staff) can see all of your statistics on how many keys you have received and how many have been covered, the devs cannot see it. They can, however, see a rating of the user, if they are actually covering games they received or not. They can't see any numbers. So you definitely do not have to cover every single key you receive, however if you have received 100 keys and covered 2, it will lower your rating.
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