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I've recently played both Little Dragons Cafe (a new game) and Secret of Mana (a very old game) and neither have been tracked via twitch tags. This means I haven't had any twitch content show up on my coverage stream since August 29th that hasn't been added manually via YouTube.

It'd be really nice if we could have a way to search what games are in the database in advance so we know if things are working as expected. This way I can know if there's really a bug or if I just played a game that hadn't been tagged yet. Even better, this would give keymailer some analytics on what games aren't in the database that people are playing.

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You can search for the games we have in the database on your "Discover" tab, just search for the name of the game and if we have it in our database it should pop up!

I looked for the two games you have streamed and we do have "Secret of Mana" on keymailer, but it wasn't properly linked to the tag, I refreshed it and it should show up within the next 24-48h!
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If I request a key then get accredited, does it show the game dev that I have been accredited?
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