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A couple of weeks ago I linked Twitch account as I'm planning on streaming from time to time in addition to my current Youtube coverage. At the time my Keymailer account was accredited, as far as I recall, but since then it seems that I've lost my accreditation at some point. I'm unsure if adding my Twitch was the cause of this or not; it was only the last time I was poking around inside of my account. I have seen a sharp decline of keys offered since adding the account though; which looking back may have been an indicator something was wrong or it might have just been a lull in releases and offers.

I do know my Twich isn't large enough for accreditation by itself, but I never unlinked my Youtube channel and my Youtube channel easily covers the guidelines in both frequency of uploads as well as size and the guidelines suggest only one outlet needs to cover the thresholds, not all of them.

If my Twitch is the problem I can remove it until it is large enough to maintain accreditation as well, or if my video tagging on Youtube is an issue let me know what I can do to correct that. The profile simply says I'm not accredited, not that I'm pending so I'm a bit stumped on what I can do and could use some help, please.

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I cannot see why your account has gone to unaccredited on keymailer, but there are no indications that your twitch account has anything to do with it.

Your account is currently on the pending list to be reviewed.
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