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Heya, so I covered this game that is known for censoring people who say something bad about their game (SOS: Battle Royale) on their steam discussions etc. Now I dont know if this is their job or the site's algorithm, but this seemed pretty fishy to me.

This is a game that was nowhere near what its now before it went free to play, it was a pretty unique game  where you had to escape from an island, after the free to play update, its a generic but still fun BR.

So I made a video, the first episode of my series that is about BR games that are worth playing.
The game's Keymailer Page is - > https://www.keymailer.co/g/games/49153 and as you can see, it doesnt show the old game mode, but the new one, battle royale. So that means my video (https://www.youtube.com/video/INgmnF2MXjE), which is showing battle royale mode, is tagged right.

I dont want to accuse anyone of anything, but in the video I also mentioned that the game is dying because of low playerbase and not a big amount of updates. (1 every 1-1.5 months)

I wanted to ask whether I can get rid of this "This content item has been flagged as invalid" message when the content i made is actually tagged right.

Also understand, I am not salty about this. I do not hate the game. The original game mode of this game which i loved has been made playable again and I support and trust Outpost, but due to their behavior in the past, I couldnt not think that is what they did here.



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Hi Mitt,

No problem, It should be unflagged now! :)
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Thanks a lot for your help :)

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