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Hello guys! I'm new here at Keymailer and I saw that my videos should be published on my profile to get my Accreditation... I have almost 2000 subscribers and a pretty good audience (1,2k+ views per video)... So I saw my profile on Keymailer and I saw that there was just 2 videos showing, I have more than 15 videos uploaded on this channel and I don't know why it's not refreshing... (I have the right tags on each videos)

I hope you would help me on my "not refreshing videos/accreditation" problem...

Regards! I love your site!

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I had a look on your account and saw that there are quite a few tags missing on your videos, for keymailer to find your "SCUM" videos, you need to add the tag "scum game" and they should show up.

Your "Rust" games need the tag "playrust".

Your "Dead by Daylight" Videos need the tag " dead by daylight" and every letter has to be written exactly the same, as soon as there is a capital letter in there, keymailer won't find it anymore (annoying, I KNOW!!!)

As soon as you tag them like that they should show up!

Have a nice day
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I already fixed the tags for every video, but it still don't update and still Unaccredited... I hope you can help me! Regards!

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