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With Gamescom and betas for Call of Duty and Battlefield V, we have a lot of videos for upcoming games that we can't currently tag because they are not currently on the site. What can we do?
Videos include:
- Spyro Trilogy
- Call of Duty Black Ops 4
- Battlefield V
- RAGE 2

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Hi gamerspackil,

I used to be not very good at tagging my content correctly.

What I tend to do is use tags that I think it would be, however I always start with the full name of the game without the spaces, for example:

#CallOfDutyBlackOps4 , But I would also put #CODBO4.

#BattleFieldV , #Battlefield5 , #BFV

I hope this helps.
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Thanks, we actually already have them tagged this way.
However, because KM doesn't currently have tags for these games, we aren't able to submit them to our stream.
Any recommendations?

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