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I just wanted to reach out to see how long it takes to get accreditation. Based on the qualifications I meet them all so I just wanted to see if maybe I am missing something. Any answer would be great.

Appreciate it

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I had a look on your account to see why you are not pending yet, and so far you have only two videos that are on your content stream, I had a look on your youtube channel and saw that you have a lot of uploads not showing up and saw that most of your videos do not have the correct tags to them, so keymailer can't find them.

Your last of us videos do not have any tags for last of us, which is why they cannot been found.
For the Tomb Raider videos is only the trailer tagged not the game itself.

As soon as you have those tagged properly, you should be popping up in our pending list and we can check you!
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Thank you for responding. Just so I'm clear, "correct tags" refers to tagging my videos with the name of the game I am playing correct?

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