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I upload 1 week ago OLD SCHOOL MUSICAL [CHICKEN REPUBLIC] FINAL BOSS FIGHT /PC/ video and ı cant see this video.Please fix it.Thanks.

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I had a look on your account and the video and saw that there was a tiny mistake on your tag.
Keymailer is searching for the exact tags we have on the website, and with exact I mean, EXACTLY the same.
(that tiny thing that is on there is going to annoy you, I know. Its ridiculous!)

The tag you have on the video is "Old school musical", the keymailer tag is "old school musical", I know, that capital letter is such a unneccessary thing. But keymailer can't find it if the tag is writting all in small letters.
As soon as you edit the tag, keymailer should be able to find it, next time it scans through your profile.
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i change it but nothing has changed.I still cant saw my old school musical video :/
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