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I am unsure where to post this. I recently uploaded two new videos WITH the correct tagging so I can gain more credit or whatever towards my rank, but the profile etc is not showing this and I done the correct tagging across the board with a copy and paste. Also why has my profle not been updated to show these videos?

Secondly I have over 1000 views on Twitch, plus over a hundred followers, which the same for YouTube, I have over 50 and yet I am not accredited? I would like to know why.

I would like to get this sorted ASAP so I can become more appropriate for Devs to review more games and add to my Keymailer playlist!

Kind Regards,

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Which videos did not show up for you?  I had a look which videos were uploaded around the time of your ticket and it should have been the Tom Clancy's, right? I had a look on them and they do not have any gaming tags attached to them except of Steam/Streams/Ubisoft,...

Your account shows up as accredited to me !

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