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Hi Admin, It has passed 2 days ago from my last Question... My videos still don't appear, I'm still Unaccredited and not pending... Pls, I would request you to check my profile manually, PLEASE :(

Regards and thanks
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Admin? Why I'm getting ignored? I met all the requirements... But my profile is not updating correctly :(

2 Answers

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Hey Cristian,

I'd like to offer some advice as I had a similar issue. My Youtube videos were not being picked up correctly because I tagged them wrong, I use short hashtags like "#HSD" when it should have been "#hunt: showdown".

Then all of my coverage was tracked, I was accredited shortly after that! :-D

I hope this helps.
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I already do that but them aren't showing :( As you can check on my profile I met all the requirements and I'm also active... 1 video each 2-4 days... Regards! I think this should me checked manually by the Admin...
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I manually rescanned your profile and everything should be showing up for you!
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Yes! Finally! Thanks Admin!
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