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hopefully to get a little help here.
my socials 100% meet keymailer's requirements:
To qualify for accreditation, you must:

Have an active channel on YouTube, Twitch or Mixer (I stream daily on twitch)
Have an audience of at least 50 (got 107)
Create and tag at least 3 gaming videos per month (I stream daily and have more than 3 in my content stream )

After a channel qualifies, it is pending, which means waiting for review.
(this has yet to happen, unfortunately)

Channels with audiences less than 100, or infrequent content, may take one month, or more. (however i have more than 100 and extremely frequent content

does keymailer not recognize my channel has meet the requirements?

can anyone look through my account and see what's going on there, the name on my profile is Michael Bryant ( aka Herobryant1) and its not the same as this account because i couldent log in the same way with this site

Big thanks.

1 Answer

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Your account shows to us that it is in the pending stage and is waiting to be accredited. As we go through every single video posted manually, the checking process takes a while to check even one account. We have hundreds of profiles coming into the pending stage on a daily basis and are checking as many as possible.
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Thank you so much for your help, it seems almost like things don't like to update on the creators side.

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