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2 weeks ago I updated my website data with visit stats, about 20k every month. We are specialized in game preview/reviews.
Reading faqs, I opened a ticket to ask for accreditation, but now I see "Keymailer Help Desk - Offline".

So... I have a chance to be accreditated or I have no hope? :P

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i got same problem, got 3+ recent videos on my YouTube that are not older than 7 days all get watched well and have 2.4k YouTube followers. But still not had accreditation.
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Same here. Registered mid August. Still waiting for my blog to be verified. FAQ says "open ticket to get verified as a blog". Helpdesk is however permanently offline and refers you to community forums, although you can create tickets, they stay unanswered.  And over here in the community forums questions regarding blog accreditation are routinely ignored. Left and right people are being helped, but I've yet to bee a single guy asking for blog accreditation getting an answer.  Very frustrating.

To answer your question: For me personally, my hope dwingles by the day.
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I have the same problem. I entered the data of my blog in august and to date I haven't received yet the accreditation.

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