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My tracked streams (Twitch, Twitter and YouTube) haven't updated in almost a month despite frequent additions. Please can you have a look at my account. I have pressed the refresh icons next to each service but it is not reflecting any changes. My profile is completed and I am showing Steam game detail and VR verified. Many thanks.

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I had a look on your account and to me all of your videos, streams and tweets show up. So it seems like it has updated itself until now. Can you have a yourself as well if it shows up?
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Yes it looks like it has updated a bit. I have about 5 new Twitch videos after the last one that aren't showing from last Wednesday but the fact that it has updated with something is good.

May I ask the frequency of the updates? Is there a period of time with no updates before I should contact? The manual refresh buttons only seem to refresh the follower and subscriber numbers. Many thanks

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