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Keymailer seems to be filled with a lot of games that just aren't good for videos, and or are essentially shovelware. So, a suggestion I have is a upvote/downvote system (similar to the community here on Keymailer) where creators can vote on whether or not games look promising! I just need a way to filter out all of the anime games that make it onto this platform so often.

Please give us more ways to determine which games are worth our time.
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Are you imagining a 'I don't want to see this game' and 'this is my favourite game' style thing, or a thumbs up means I like games like this?
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Imagine the Karma system on Reddit. Where you can upvote something and that'll effect it's placement on the site.

Adittionally, "I don't want to see this" and "stop showing me this game" would be nice options to add.

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Hi SuperPawsitive,

Great Idea! Thank you so much for your suggestion.
I forwarded your suggestion towards our devs to see if we can work something out like that!!!!

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