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Hello, my account appears "unaccredited" I would like to know why it is, I am solving my error of the tags, but I would like to know :c

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I had a look on your account and currently you have no valid videos or streams on your content stream. For accreditation only videos and streams that are not older than 30 days and that are on your content stream count. So far you have only one video which has been flagged due to incorrect and multiple tagging. As soon as you have enough valid content on your content stream your account goes into the pending for accreditation state.
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Thank you very much, it's these kind of things that you never know xD
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Hello idk where else to write cuz when i try to ask question it says some error so can i ask here about accreditation? cuz i have new videos everyday from my stream and how long it would take for streamer to be accreditated?

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