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I have been posting constant videos throughout this year and last, and have still not been accredited. I have played multiple different games on my channel within that time period so it is not the lack of variety.

I would also like to know why I had to make a new account instead of using my actual keymailer  Victorytigeress Gaming account to access the community forums as well?
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Could someone please answer my question? I've noticed almost every other question has been answered but mine. - I have been waiting for about a year and a half to be accredited. What exactly am I supposed to do to change this?

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I had a look on your account and saw that you are posting on youtube, we are right now a bit behind on the accreditation.
We have been down to everyone with at least 450 subs being accredited and have found while accrediting a bug that we fixed, which within one day quadrupled the number of pending accreditations. So we are basically back up with the numbers and are tackling now with more staff members the flood of pending accounts in the list and the  new ones that are coming in. I am not entirely sure how long it is going to take to go down to ~170 subs, as it is a couple of thousands of accounts with more subs in the list that we need to individually check first, but we are giving our best to get to you as fast as possible!!!!

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