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Several of my videos in my coverage stream have been flagged as invalid - respectively The Universim and Tropico 6 Beta - and also none of my Star Control Origins videos are being picked up. I've gone over the respective videos and made sure that all the tags are correct, but they don't update it seems.

Also, all my Warhammer 40.000 Inquisitor Martyr videos have not picked up the correct tag. In the product page for WH40K Inquisitor Martyr it states that the official youtube tag is "warhammer 40,000: inquisitor - martyr" - a tag that isn't possible to write as far as I can tell, since YouTube splits it into two different tags "warhammer 40" and "000: inquisitor - martyr" due to the comma present in the tag.

Could you please assist me with these issues? :-) Thank you!

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I had a look on your flagged videos and they all had more than on tag on which the second tag was a incorrect one.
For example "The Universim Ep 5: God or Therapeut? - God Game - Let's Play, Gameplay" has the tag to the game "God Simulator" and the video "Tropico 6 Beta EP 3: Viva la revoluciĆ³n! Freedom for Tropico! - First Look, Let's Play, Gameplay" has the tag "City Builder" which belongs to a different game. Let me know as soon as you changed those tags so I can check those videos again and can take the flag away!

Thank you so much for letting us know about the Warhammer tag, I changed it and it should work now for you !

Have a nice day :)
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Hey, and thank you for your help! :-D

I've removed the tags you mentioned, and also added the new WH40K Inquisitor tag to all my WH40K Inquisitor videos - thank you very much for fixing the tag for that game! :-)

However, I hope you can give me some clarification here. I have used crossover tags before in some of my videos.

For Factorio, I also had the tag "production line". Factorio is a game that clearly involves using large amounts of production lines in your factory - but I also see that there is a game with the name "Production Line", that has the Youtube tag "production line" here. I removed the tag on some of the Factorio videos, and from my upload defaults for Factorio upon this realisation, but question follows further down.

For WH40K Inquisitor, I had the tag "tactical", which happens to also be a game (Even one I had never heard about, but since I noticed the tag, I clicked it and was sent to the game page here on Keymailer).

As for Tropico 6 - "city builder" is what I would classify as a genre of games. I would use that term to search Youtube and/or Google for city builder games (and I most likely would not add games, although that is exactly what I did to the tag - I changed it into "city builder game").

The Universim - "god simulator" also is what I would classify as a genre of games. The same I wrote above about "city builder" applies (and the same solution is what I applied, adding game to my tag).

Is the official Keymailer policy that it is my responsibility as a content creator to crosscheck these tags, by paying attention to my Coverage Stream, and removing/replacing any "offending" tag so that any video I publish on Youtube only gets hit with one tag, which should be the relevant one?

Please note that I am not making these arguments to be quarrelsome - this is genuine curiousity and a desire for clarification for the future, so I know how I need to tag my videos to fulfill the terms of Keymailer, which is an important site for a content creator to get proper accreditation on. :-)

Thank you again for your time :-)
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Oh, and I almost forgot. Please, if you could also check into my Star Control Origins videos. All of the videos have the tag "star control: origins" in their tags, but they are not catched by my Coverage Stream.

Thank you again! :-)
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Hello again

I would just like to provide some additional information about my issue, as it seems to be some troubles with the Coverage Stream catching my videos. The last video showing in my Coverage Stream is Stellaris Ep 1, posted on Oct 6th, with the correct tag. Since then I have posted 3 more episodes of Stellaris on my YT channel. Ep 2 was posted 4 hours after Ep 1, on Oct 6th, Ep 3 was posted Oct 7th and Ep 4 was posted Oct 9th. These 3 do not show up in my Coverage Stream. The tags on Ep 2, 3 and 4 are identical to the ones on Ep 1 just for the record. I have also been pushed back from "Pending" to "Unaccredited" now (It was "Pending" last week).

Thank you again for your time and help!
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The content creator should check if there are any cross tags, as before the accreditation has been granted the keymailer staff itself is checking all of the videos and in case of wrong tags being used flags the videos.
As soon as the accreditation has been granted the publishers itself are the ones that are flagging content when it is not fitting to their tagged game. The Devs and Pubs are not, lets called it "amused" when they have nex content on their game, and click on it and its another game and theirs has been incorrectly tagged. Which is also the reason why we are quite strict with the tagging.

All of your Stellaris videos show up to me, do they show up to you know as well?

It takes a bit for new videos and streams to show up on your content stream as long as you are not accredited, but will go a lot faster as soon as you are accredited.

Have a nice day :)
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About the tags: I understand, and I will make an effort to paying attention to my Coverage stream in the future to remove any tags that do not belong with a game in the tag list!

As for the Coverage Stream, now it seems to be working well! They did not show up last night, but today all is good. All the SC:Origins videos are also showing up now, and I got the happy, happy notification today that I have been accredited! Yay :D

Thank you so much for your time and help! Have a nice day too :)

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