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This site seems really not reliable, I had to directly emailed some devs for asking keys for reviews.
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I hear you on that one. I lost mine randomly, channel was still active, when I added my Twitch stream and been in the same situation, waiting for over a month now to get checked out. :-/

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I had a look on your account and you have nothing linked to your account.
We are checking account Mondays to Fridays for accreditation, but we still get a couple of thousands of accounts onto the pending list daily which we try to tackle.
We are going through from highest sub counts to lowest, on twitch and mixer we are a lot faster with checking accounts, simply because it is easier and less time consuming to check (youtube takes about 5x the amount of time to check). We are daily going down to the 50 subs count of pending accounts on those.

Youtube is being used the most by users which is why it is the longest list, youtube is also the website with which the users make the most mistake like setting wrong tags, tagging games that are not being played, posting stolen videos, just posting trailers and not own work, and so much more. So we have to click on literally all of the uploaded videos and click and watch through them.

I wish we would be down to 50 subs on YT as well, but we are as of right now at around 450 at the end of the day, but we are getting to a lower number everyday (thats the goal, if we have been at end of the 450 subs, we want the next day to be at 425 or 400, which sounds like nothing, but that alone is probably a few hundred of accounts in between)

It has been a long answer, but I hope you understand :)
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