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Hi, I fulfilled all the fields regarding my site. Work email, monthly visitors, etc...
This was months ago and I still have "Unaccredited".

How many time I have to wait until the accreditation?

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If you're not a steamer and manage to get accredited as an editorial page, tell me how you did it. I've been waiting for months, literally,  to no effect. Asking here doesn't help, since support stuff simply does not reply. You'll see them helping other people out while ignoring you completely.

My advise: Let it go. Continue contacting developers directly. Has the positive side effect that it builds a relationship in a way that keymailer does not. I do use the site to get an overview of upcoming games though. Other than that: It's completely useless if you're not a streamer, unfortunately.
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I still have the "unaccredited" unfortunately :/
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en peux me help plz car moi sa fait 10 mois que je suis sur le site et je suis pas accrediter

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