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Here's my situation:

1. I have a YouTube channel with 3.7K subs and around 300 videos.
2. I signed up for Keymailer and almost immediately received a couple of keys I requested, before I even got accredited.
3. Got accredited, but I noticed that Keymailer didn't tag all the games I'd previously covered that exist in their database. So I went through all my videos (dating back to 2016) and submitted a ton more to my coverage stream. All these tags are accurate.
4. That was a few weeks ago. Since then, I've requested 15 keys but received none.

I find it strange that I managed to get keys so easily before being accredited, but now publishers ignore or reject my requests. Was it wrong to tag all those older videos? Has my account been flagged as a scammer or something, and is there anything I can do to fix it?

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Which games/videos do not show up of the ones you are tagging?

And i had a look on your profile and it is completely normal, there is no flag, or note of any kind, it is a normal accredited profile, so the publishers can see you.

I also checked if there is a problem on the devs side of view and checked if you show up for requested keys (in that case I checked for: GRIP : Combat Racing), and you show up on their list.

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