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My username on keymailer is Viktor Nikolov (aka ViktorBrane2531)
related to an answer for: When im going to get accredited again??

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Hi Viktor,

Thank you so much for answering! I had a look on your account and so far you have only one recent video linked o your content stream, you get into the pending list as soon as you have at least 3 videos tagged and linked to your content stream.

I saw on your youtube account that you do upload really frequently, but that your videos are not properly tagged and can because of that not been found by keymailer. I would recommend tagging all of your PUBG videos with the tag: playerunknowns battlegrounds

They should be found then and you go into pending. As soon as you are in the pending list, a keymailer staff will check your account for accreditation

Have a nice day :)
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