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Hi there!
I've been very active at my youtube channel, it has over 1.2K subs, all my videos are tagged correctly (today i checked everything once again, it took me around 1 hour of my time lol), tags are correct.

So the problem is even tho i've met all requirements, my account is not pending (it's been said channel with over 1K subs and good activity get accredited within 1-2 days or so), it's not happening, i can't even get a pending status and i can't find any reason why so.

Would it be possible to request some help?

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Hi FutuC113,

Thank you for writing. I had a look on your account and did see what you were describing, which is odd.
Your Account should have gone into the pending state by now, which it didn't. I forwarded your profile to o ur dev so that they can see if something weird is going on. Shouldn't take more than 1 or 2 days for him to check it out! I'll let you know!
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We found that for whatever reason it got stuck in a internal loop. We manually triggered a restart in checking if you are viable for the pending stage and it worked again :)
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